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Summer in Tokyo means Fireworks!

June 28, 2012

In Japanese fireworks are 花火 “Flower Fire”; isn’t that beautiful!

Every summer fireworks displays large and small are carried out all over Japan.  And of course the largest displays are in Tokyo.

Probably the most well-known of these displays is the Sumida river fireworks festival (隅田川花火大会)which is celebrating its 35th year this year. It is scheduled for the 28th of July,

7:05-8:30 PM (or the next day in case of bad weather on the 28th).  The display includes a contest between 10 of Japan’s best fireworks companies and around 200,000 fireworks will be used. You

Sumida river fireworks

can see the display from large lengths of the banks of the Sumida River, but with around 900,000 people expected to attend, you had better get there early! See here for a map of the general location.

If you are really stuck for a viewing spot you might consider hopping on a Toubu line train out of Asakusa station. It will give you a great view as it goes over the bridge, and the drivers sometimes slow down to give the passengers the best show possible.


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