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Shibuya Club Scene- Part One

July 3, 2012

Dance Floor at Camelot

Shibuya has a pretty high concentration of clubs and because many put on a variety of  music and acts  there is something to suit just about any taste.

As with any kind of business in Tokyo, there is a lot of churn with clubs disappearing and new ones coming up. So there are always a few people mourning the loss of  some old favorite and harking back to the “Good Old Days”.

Well, These days are the only ones we’ve got and there are a lot of great clubs to spend them in (well the nights anyway)!

Some great spots to check out if you are new to the scene are; Womb, Camelot, Air and Club Harlem.

Womb (see here for a map) is best known for hip hop and techno and is very very popular. As you will see from the site they are also quite foreigner friendly and there is a lot of English language info there for you to check.  Here is an excerpt from the site for tonight:

“Every single time “09EDGE” comes to WOMB, it continues to break the record number of visitors unlike any other weekday events, making everyone a part of the WOMB “circle”. Its groove and its edgy-ness interlock to turn this event into a unique atmosphere. 09EDGE was featured on the fashion magazine “NYLON” as it continues to lead the scene with a celebration of its 2nd Anniversary at WOMB LOUNGE.”

Camelot is all about variety with just about every genre getting a run at one time or another.  The site and map are only in Japanese but the club itself is foreigner friendly. There are discount coupons that only girls and foreigners can use.  Tonight is a Hip Hop Party from 10 PM featuring DJ’s Takamura, Shintaro, Shunsuke, Tomoharu, Jimmy, Saori,  Hiro and Kicks


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